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Dell shipping Computers with NEW Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04


You don't have to be a super mega geek to love saving money, but you may be a super mega geek to get excited about the fact that Dell is now shipping Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04, (Linux), pre-installed.!

"Linux? What the heck is that?"

Linux is an Operating system, like Windows XP or Windows Vista. Linux is not like Windows though. It will not run your windows software. It comes with all of the software you will need, and you can install more, FOR FREE! If you are a typical computer user that needs to surf the internet, check your email, and need a word processor, you'll love Ubuntu Linux. I won't go into full detail about what Linux is right now, but if you really want to know, contact me, and I'll give you the skinny.

I will leave you on this note. You can get a brand new, fast, computer for as low as $249 from this deal. Go to Dell's site to learn more.